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Ridgeline Oral Surgery

5 out of 5 stars based on 34 reviews

Patient Review By Vernon J

My husband had two wisdom teeth removed on September 28th. Dr Peterson did such an excellent job. He also was so kind to my husband who is 83 years old. I and my husband will recommend him to family members and friends. My husband is doing great and has had little pain. Thank you doctor Peterson.

- Vernon J

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Patient Review By Waymon T

I know my surgery took longer then expected and I can only assume you found issues that had be addresses. I would like to commend you on completing the surgery as planned. The swelling and bleeding have subsided and I have not experienced any pain. Great work. Additionally, I would like to thank your staff for working with the VA and hospital to get this surgery scheduled in a timely manner. You have a professional staff and I am sure your practice will continue to provide excellent service. Thank again for an all around great Job.

- Waymon T

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Patient Review By Ken McKenzie M

Had 4 wisdom teeth removed they had cool food stress squeezes that were cool the nurses assistants were very nice and very respectful to me I highly recommended these guys for wisdom teeth extraction removal if you want the bravest patient award for a coffee or an Italian soda if you want!

- Ken McKenzie M

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Patient Review By Vicki M

From the initial appointment to surgery, and post op each person was kind, knowledgeable, patient and caring. The doctor, assistants, reception all made me feel comfortable.

- Vicki M

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Patient Review By Julie R

I saw Dr. Peterson on March 4 for removal of wisdom teeth. Dr. Peterson and his team provided excellent care for me prior to and during my procedure. Dr. Peterson and his team helped me feel calm and confident. I experienced a remarkable recovery with no severe pain and no swelling.

- Julie R

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Patient Review By Lori G

Excellent care. Had 4 extractions at one time. Very little pain next day. Dr. Peterson even called to check me. 6 stars if I could

- Lori G

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Patient Review By Gloria K C

Dr Lenox cane to the Bend Hospital on a Sunday morning (and afternoon!) to care for me after a fall while exploring a lava tube. He carefully stitched the inside and outside of my lip. He was kind, confident and skilled. 10 days have passed and I cannot believe how my lip has healed, looking very normal. I would not have expected such amazing results. Thank you Dr Lenox for giving up your Sunday and taking such care to repair my facial injury.

- Gloria K C

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Patient Review By Julie W

My son Mitchel (20 years of age) had all four wisdom teeth pulled by doctor Lenox during one office visit. Dr. Lenox built a rapport with my son immediately and I remember my son said, "He's cool" on our drive home after the first visit. There were no complications and Mitchel healed quickly. I appreciate that Dr. Lenox explained the home care instructions in detail and checked in on Mitchel while he recovered at home. Dr. Lenox's obvious expertise put Mitchel's mind at ease and he somehow took the tension out of the entire process for both Mitchel and me.

- Julie W

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Patient Review By Christine C C

Dr Welch was amazing with my 9 year old. She was nervous and explained everything to her so well. He went out of his way to call and check up on her the same evening out of surgery. He is brilliant and so personable. Highly recommend!

- Christine C C

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Patient Review By TAMMY M

Saw Dr. Welch as an emergancy after dentist could not finish pulling my molar having to leave in the roots as they were too deep into my nasal cavity. He was absoultely awesome, he thouroughly explained everything that was going on and answered all questions. He talks to you and not down like I have found some Dr's do. I will definately refer anyone who needs his type of service to him !!!! or this office


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